Battle with Ohio pawnshop and victim’s stolen jewelry still going 7 years later


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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) – The case of an Ohio pawn shop and the stolen jewelry it accepted – and tore apart – is going back and forth in Ohio courts.

The case was originally heard in 2014.

The American Trading Company in Hamilton County was fighting a ruling by a lower court awarding $39,500 to a theft victim after the pawnshop dismantled the antique jewelry.

In 2014, thieves stole a diamond bracelet, emerald ring and unique brooch from the victim’s home in Montgomery County’s Washington Township.

A 19-year-old Kentucky man pawned the jewelry to American Trading in exchange for $2,125. American Trading denied any suspicion or knowledge that the items were stolen. After holding the items for 15 days as required by the Ohio Pawnbroker’s Act, the pawnshop deconstructed the pieces and sold them in parts for $7,964.

Following the sale, detectives tracked down the victim’s burglars and then discovered American Trading had disassembled and sold the jewelry.

Writing for the First District, Judge Pierre Bergeron said there are many reasons to doubt American Trading’s contention that the sale between the thieves and American Trading, and American Trading’s sale of the jewelry, represented the item’s fair market value.

A diamond bracelet was involved and individual diamonds were sold. Initially, the victim wanted $54,500 but that amount has been haggled down to $39,500.

The pawnshop is bickering with the court about the price of the jewelry, but the court decided that neither the thief nor American Trading knew the true value of the antique pieces.

The Ohio Supreme Court has sent the case back to the trial court to figure it out.

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