COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Mount Carmel said it has fired a doctor and suspended 20 employees after uncovering evidence of grossly overdosing near-death patients. But, an attorney for the family of one of those patients says that patient was not necessarily near death.

Christine Allison says her husband was a super fine guy.

She called EMS last summer when he complained of shortness of breath.

“I really expected we would go to the hospital, they would make him better and we would be home that night and go on with our lives. And that didn’t happen, that didn’t happen at all,” she said.

Attorney Gerry Leeseberg says hospital records shot that Troy Allison’s condition turned out to be serious, with his organs failing.

“We’re not seeing anything to suggest that this patient’s prognosis was terminal,” Leeseberg said.

Mount Carmel says it has identified 27 patients of Dr. William Husel who were given excessive and possibly fatal doses of pain medication. Husel’s motive is not clear, but it has conjured up comparisons to so-called angel of mercy killings.

Christine Allison says she actually supports the idea of physician-assisted death, but that’s not what happened here.

“My husband did not have a terminal illness that it was for sure he was going to die. That was not the scenario at all,” she said.

Leeseburg also revealed that he’s hearing from families of patients who are not among the 27 identified by Mount Carmel, but who have retrieved medical records showing their loved one was also given an excessive fentanyl dose.

“This may be the tip of the iceberg and the size of that iceberg is yet unknown,” Leeseburg said.