COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The Alzheimer’s Association released its latest statistics Wednesday, and it’s not good news for Ohio families and caregivers.

Some of the facts reported by the association include:

  • 220,000 Ohioans are living with Alzheimer’s, and by 2025, that figure is expected to climb to 250,000.
  • There are 493,000 family members who serve as caregivers for those living with Alzheimer’s and is often a thankless and exhausting job. More than 60 percent of those caregivers have chronic health problems themselves.
  • If you put a price tag on all that loving, round-the-clock care, it totals more than $13 billion in unpaid care each year.

Even if you don’t have a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia, it’s taking your tax dollars. Medicaid spends more than $2.5 billion each year caring for Ohioans with Alzheimer’s.