COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A lion at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium died earlier this week, the zoo announced on Friday.

African lion Kazi died Aug. 9 at nearly 16 years old. Kazi’s mobility started to significantly decline after the animal health team found multiple areas of spinal arthritis and spinal cord compression, the zoo said on Facebook. After failed treatment, the team decided to perform humane euthanasia.

“Kazi was the core of our pride — no matter what was happening with the dynamics of the group, they would all gravitate towards her,” the zoo said. “We will miss Kazi tremendously, and her legacy will live on with the pride.”

Kazie came to the Columbus zoo in 2007 and had one litter in 2015 with another lion named Tomo.

The zoo said Kazi lived a long life, as the median life expectancy for lions in human care is 16.9 years.