73-year-old Akron man reports stopping intruder at gunpoint


Daniel McGown said the burglar 'picked the wrong house'

(CNN) – A 73-year-old man in Akron, Ohio said he found a burglar inside his home and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

The homeowner said he was already on edge because his home was already broken into just a few days ago.

He wasn’t about to let it happen again.

Daniel McGown talked about the moment he confronted a stranger in his home.

“They picked the wrong house,” he said.

McGown, a retired Akron-area attorney, said the crimes actually started a few days ago when he was out of town.

Someone busted open the front door and stole guns and ammunition from a first-floor closet, laptops from upstairs but left disassembled TVs behind.

McGown put ladders against the door when he got home, and then around 5 a.m. Wednesday, a burglar gave a warning.

“Somebody started ringing my doorbells. There are two doorbells, one in front and back, and they rang them repeatedly for about five minutes to see if anybody was home,” he said.

The grandfather grabbed a gun, which he kept by his pillow, and found a man — identified by investigators as 51-year-old Thomas Gaffney — in his living room.

“And I pointed the pistol at him and said, ‘If you don’t move, I won’t shoot you,'” he said.

He left his cell phone upstairs, so McGown ordered the burglar at gunpoint to walk up to the bedroom.

“I told him you’re going to walk ahead of me, and we’re going to go upstairs where I can get my cell phone and call the police, and he said, ‘Please do call the police. Please don’t shoot me,'” he said.

McGown said he was prepared to shoot and is grateful things didn’t end worse.

“If he had reached his hand toward a pocket or something, where I thought that he might have had one of the guns that went away last night or the night before, then I might have been tempted to do that,” he said.

McGown said he wants justice, but said what happened is not a case of an avenging attorney.

“My home was being violated and here was a guy doing it in my presence. Here’s the guy and I just wanted to make him stop doing that,” he said.

According to McGown, police found ammunition in Gaffney’s pockets and drug paraphernalia.

He was taken to jail and charged with burglary.

Police are now trying to figure out if Gaffney was involved in the first break-in.

The guns, ammunition and laptops that were stolen have not been recovered.

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