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COPLEY, Ohio (WJW) — Police have released more details regarding their investigation into the triple homicide in Summit County on March 10.

Last week, police identified a fourth victim who was not killed, and now FOX 8 has learned that man was instrumental in tracking down the 58-year-old suspect Elias Gudino of Copley, who is facing multiple murder charges.

Copley police now report that prior to the discovery of the bodies — which were found bound and gagged with gunshot wounds in the back of the head on Cordova Avenue in Akron and Wright Road in Copley — they’d been called to Collier Road for reports of a “rain-soaked male” walking in the area around 7 a.m.

Police found the man around 7:20 a.m. Officers used a language phone app, as he mostly spoke Spanish, police said they learned he’d been abandoned by friends overnight. He was dropped off at an area shelter, and it wasn’t until the body on Wright Road was found that police went back to question him

With the help of a translator, the man told police he’d been kidnapped with three other men from the Youngstown area and brought to the Akron area against their will. He said he’d been shot at by his kidnappers on Wright Road but was not actually hit and pretended to be dead until they drove away.

He said he was trying to walk back to Youngstown when police found him on Collier Road.

Later that afternoon, police said they were driving the man around the area looking for a home where all four men had been held. Stopping for gas on Copley Road, the man told police he saw a suspect in his kidnapping inside the gas station.

Police then approached who would later be identified as Gudino, who reportedly came with them to the station voluntarily. They then found more evidence tying the suspect to the crimes.

Police said more charges are pending for Gudino and that they believe other people are involved.