Officers looking for vandals who shattered windows in Columbiana


Business owners in Columbiana came back after the holiday weekend to broken store windows. It’s a case of vandalism that police are trying to solve.

Shattered windows with a hole smack in the middle.

“I thought maybe someone had hit it with a baseball bat because of the size of the hole,” said Mark Beck, owner of Seederly-Mong & Beck Funeral Home.

It’s the sight six different business and car owners on and right off Main Street came back to on Monday morning after Easter.

“We have no reports that anything was stolen from any of the places that were hit. It looks like it’s just straight vandalism,” Police Chief Tim Gladis said.

A worker at one business found a marble inside the store just a few feet away from the shattered window, which is now boarded up.

“We have a couple tips that are consistent with a group of people that were walking down Main Street in the area where the damage occurred, and they were described as being loud and boisterous,” Gladis said.

Police are studying surveillance tapes and talking to people around town. So far, they have a few leads as to who is behind this.

“Probably will be a misdemeanor of the first degree in most cases. There will be separate counts from each individual place that was damaged, so you can end up getting a pretty serious fine and even a potential for jail time, depending on what a judge decides.”

Windows are expensive to fix. Luckily, some of the businesses have insurance but even with it, they’re still looking at upwards of $1,000 for repairs or replacements.

“Actually, today I just got the estimate and it’s going to be $950,” Beck said.

Right now, police believe it was all done in one night by a group of people walking around town. They’re advising businesses to keep security tight.

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