North Jackson gun dealer targets new group of buyers

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BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Guns were a big subject before the election, and they remain a big subject five months later. Sights are set right now on the next wave of gun buyers.

A billboard ad campaign in the Boardman area is getting some attention while targeting a growing group of gun owners. It’s a Mother’s Day promotion advertising the Armory in North Jackson. A woman’s hand is around a gun with the words “Go ahead, make her day.”

“I think the ad makes women know that it is not an unnatural feeling to want to protect themselves and want to get into the sporting and shooting industry,” said Ed Orr, NRA instructor.

Women and guns are for more than just personal protection – participation in sports shooting is growing among women. The two aspects are also related. Orr said he is noticing an upswing in the number of women coming in to get trained in the sporting end of shooting.

“Sports shooting allows you to be more accurate with shots in a defensive situation,” Orr said.

The Armory has a large selection of guns. Colored guns, including pink, are popular with women as much as a black gun is with a man.

It takes the average women two or three times looking at a weapon before they buy one. Armory representative Randy McCoon said the most important part is fitting them with the right one.

“A gun to fit their need instead of overkill like on a bigger caliber rifle or pistol. Get them something they can handle instead of not shoot and be scared,” McCoon said.

The billboards are seasonal. You may remember seeing one in December that said “You know what he really wants for Christmas”

A new billboard coming soon targets Father’s Day.

Over 80 percent of people who show up to the Armory say they’ve seen the billboards so the campaign is on target.

The Youngstown Rifle and Pistol Club is starting a time when women can shoot with other women, and it also hosts a Ladies Night at the Range promoting gun safety and personal defense.


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