New Struthers court worker says he’s ‘here to help not hurt’


STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – A new employee in the Stuthers court is charged with helping people stay out of jail.

Judge Dominic Leone hopes the new worker will help reduce crime. The goal is to get defendants treatment so they don’t commit more offenses while they are out on bond. Leone asked city council to create a full-time probation officer in his court to handle the task.

“We had a clerk before that served in the capacity of a probation officer, which is a little different than having a probation officer,” Leone said.

First time, non-violent offenders can apply for the alternative sentencing. Probation Officer Matt Glover helps to make sure they stay out of jail.

“I’m here to help them not hurt them. Me locking somebody up or imprisoning them on a technical probation isn’t helping them,” Glover said.

However, if the terms of the agreement are violated, it’s straight to jail.

“For the protection of themselves and the community at large, I would hesitate one second,” Glover said.

The judge says his next steps will be a drug diversion program and veterans court.


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