(WJW) – A company that specializes in genetic health risk assessments and ancestry information, based on DNA and saliva samples, has alerted customers that some of their private information may have been hacked.

The alert from 23andMe.com tells customers their investigation into the security concern now involves the assistance of third-party forensic experts and federal law enforcement officials.

According to the company, whoever is responsible for the hack may have accessed information, including some users’ DNA Relatives profiles.

According to the company’s website, the DNA Relatives feature is a popular option that allows users to find and connect with genetic relatives who are also 23andMe users. Participation in the feature is optional.

The alert post goes on to explain, that the company believes those responsible for the hack were able to access accounts that had used “recycled login credentials – that is, usernames and passwords that were used on 23andMe.com were the same as those used on other websites that have been previously hacked.”

23andMe says in the post, that if they discover a customer’s data was accessed they will notify them directly, meanwhile, all customers are encouraged to take steps to to keep their account and password secure. 

“Out of caution, we are requiring that all customers reset their passwords and are encouraging the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA),” said the company in a post dated Oct. 9.

More information can be found, here.