WATCH: Body cam shows officer dragged by weed suspect in Florida

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You can tell how fast they're going by watching the street signs passing in the windshield

ORLANDO, Fla. (CNN Newsource) – Some scary moments for an Orlando police officer after he was dragged in a car by a suspect trying to get away.

At times, the suspect was going 60 miles per hour, with the officer hanging out of the window.

It was just past 1 in the morning May 9 when Orlando Police Officer Sean Murphy says he noticed marijuana residue inside Zavier Askew’s car.

Askew told Murphy he didn’t have any weed in the car.

Police got him out and searched the inside of the car. When they finished, you can see in the video that Askew makes a run to get away.

You can tell how fast they’re going by watching the street signs passing in the windshield.

Murphy says the car reached speeds of 60 miles per hour, with his leg hanging out of the car.

Investigators say Askew hit a parked car at a dead end. They say Murphy had to tuck his legs inside the car to avoid getting pinned.

Other officers got there, removed Askew from the car and arrested him.

He faces several charges, including attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer and kidnapping. He’s being held in the Orange County Jail with no bond.

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