Washington woman claims attack by fake Uber driver

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Kirsten Page, attacked by man she thought was her Uber driver, Washington

KIRKLAND, Wash. (CNN Newsource) – A Washington state woman who says she was sexually assaulted by someone pretending to be a rideshare driver is telling her story.

“Just please, I beg you, don’t end up the way I did,” Kirsten Page pleaded.

She’s warning people to be aware when using rideshare services.

Page survived a violent sexual assault by a man she thought was her Uber driver.

“He approached me and said, ‘Uber,’ so I thought it was my Uber, so I got in,” she said.

She said it happened last month outside of a bar in Kirkland, Washington.

Page knew something was wrong when he got off the wrong exit.

Police say the man took Page to a dark parking lot and with the doors locked, got in the backseat and assaulted her.

She fought for her life but thought it was over.

“I started saying goodbye to my family members and my friends.”

Still, she kept fighting.

“For some reason, he gave up for a split second and I saw the unlock button in the front, and I flew to the front and I hit unlock in the front, and I flew to the passenger side and I got out.”

Page survived. Less than two weeks later, a South Carolina student also got into the wrong car after a night out and was killed.

“I am so sorry for her family,” Page said.

As more cases of fake rideshare predators come up, Page knew she had a critical message to share.

“Be very vigilant, make sure that the license plate matches up, make sure the car matches up, make sure they say your name.”

Because her attacker and others like him could still be out there.

Meanwhile, a man is in custody and charged in connection to two other attacks in Washington. He is being investigated as a suspect in three other cases, including Page’s. However, Kirkland Police say her case remains active.

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