Virginia Beach police update: Shooter had ‘long, moving gun battle’ with officers

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VIRGINIA BEACH (WKBN) – In a press conference Friday night, Virginia Beach police said the suspect of a mass shooting earlier in the day battled with officers before he was ultimately killed.

The shooting at a building in the Virginia Beach Municipal Complex left 12 dead and four hurt.

Police said the suspect was a current, longtime city employee.

Chief Jim Cevera said he was armed with a .45 caliber handgun with a sound suppressor on it and an extended magazine, which holds more ammunition than a regular magazine.

Four police officers responded to the report of an active shooter first, Cevera said. Those officers confronted the suspect in the building.

The suspect shot at them and they fired back, leading to a long, moving gun battle, Cevera said. The suspect fired several shots in this battle but was ultimately shot by police and died.

One officer was shot and hurt, but his bulletproof vest saved his life, Cevera said.

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