Video shows deadly police-involved shooting in Los Angeles earlier this week

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***WARNING: Video contains footage that may disturb some viewers***

LOS ANGELES (CNN) – New security video is giving more perspective of the deadly police-involved shooting in Los Angeles Monday. Dijon Kizzee, 29, was shot after police stopped him for an alleged code violation while he was riding his bicycle.

The woman whose security camera recorded the shooting can be seen standing on her porch, distraught from the sight of it all.

Across the street, another video captured the same barrage of bullets.

Ricardo Richmond, a neighbor, said he saw the shooting.

“They shot four times initially, where you knew the victim was gone, and then there were 11 more shots that persisted.”

Richmond said there was no attempt to deescalate the situation.

“You saw him go, ‘Aye, man! Why you touching me?’ And then bom, bom, bom!”

The sheriff’s department has yet to confirm how many shots were fired.

On Tuesday night, the two deputies said they opened fire because Kizzee reached for a gun he dropped after running from them.

A group of more than a dozen protesters took to the streets Tuesday night, marching from the shooting scene on 109th Place to the South Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station, where they were met by sheriff’s deputies in tactical gear.

Among the crowd was Kizzee’s aunt, Fletcher Fair.

“I don’t know why you would shoot him,” she said. “You got that angry, you wanted to kill somebody.”

During the protest, Congresswoman Maxine Waters met with Fair and had harsh criticism of the sheriff’s department and its deputies.

“Despite Black Lives Matter, they are shooting and killing as if to say they are going to show us that they aren’t going to stop,” Waters said.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department said the deputies involved have been removed from the field pending a review of the incident.

Cell phone video showed deputies did try to save Kizzee, but he died at the scene.

No deputies were hurt.

Authorities say a gun was found at the scene.

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