GOLDEN, Colo. (KDVR) — A worker at a Colorado speakeasy was allegedly attacked after asking a customer to wear a mask, a video shows.

Stephen Gould, the owner of Golden Moon Speakeasy in Golden, shared a video that shows an unmasked man pushing the employee through the doorway to the establishment.

Gould said the incident happened Saturday night after the employee asked the man to wear a mask, in accordance with the state’s requirement.

“These types of incidents are becoming frighteningly common in all types of businesses, not just here in the Denver area but around the world,” Gould said.

Police charged the patron, identified as 62-year-old John Roche, with trespassing and harassment. But according to Gould, police did not cite Roche for violating the city’s mask ordinance.

“I’d like to think here in our community, we can put appropriate repercussions in place to make people think twice before doing this sort of thing. I’d like to think we can do so before someone is seriously injured or killed,” Gould said.

According to Cpt. Joe Harvey with the Golden Police Department, Roche had asked the employee if he could sit at an open table. The employee said Roche was welcome to sit at the table but he would have to wear a mask when not at the table.

Harvey said Roche then walked to the table and said, “See, I’m at my table.”

The worker then reportedly called Roche a “d***.”

Roche then got up from the table. Video appears to show him shoving the worker to the ground. The man hit the door jamb while falling, damaging it.

The employee told police he initially did not want to press charges but changed his mind after Gould’s encouragement.

Harvey said Roche was charged with trespassing on allegations that he didn’t immediately leave the property after the incident.

He was also charged with harassment because “it was clear, based on the person’s body language and stuff, that he was intending to harass, annoy or alarm this victim,” Harvey said.

Each count carries a maximum fine of $2,650 and 180 days in jail, Harvey said.

“If he didn’t want to wear a mask, he’s more than welcome to go somewhere else,” Gould said before adding, “This is an adult, mature man, acting like a high school kid over being asked to wear a mask. It’s ridiculous, it’s juvenile, and for him to walk in and attack somebody, the guy needs to go to jail.”