(WKBN) – The United States Postal Service is going all-electric with its vehicles, but union workers are being shut out of future deals, according to the UAW.

USPS announced Tuesday that it will “sharply” increase the number of electric-powered delivery trucks and will go all-electric starting in 2026. The announcement aligns with the Biden Administration’s pledge to eliminate gas-powered vehicles but falls short of a commitment to make sure those USPS vehicles are made by union workers.

“The USPS has once again turned its back on the workers of Oshkosh, WI who are members of UAW Local 578 who already produce quality vehicles for Oshkosh Defense and who have the capacity and skill to produce these USPS electric vehicles,” union officials wrote.

In 2021, The Workhorse Group, with its ties to Lordstown Motors, was passed over for Oshkosh Defense, of Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the manufacture of USPS electric vehicles when it said that only 10% of the fleet would be electric. The Postal Service later adjusted its plan.

While a deal is in place to buy approximately 60,000 vehicles from Oshkosh, USPS also plans to buy 21,000 from other automakers.