Trumpcare? Republicans try again to repeal and replace Affordable Care Act

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Democrats are vowing to protect Obamacare only days after the White House expanded its efforts to repeal it.

The fight over Obamacare is back.

President Trump now wants the courts to strike down the entire Affordable Care Act.

“We don’t want Obamacare anymore because it’s unconstitutional and it doesn’t work for the American people,” said Deputy White House Press Secretary Hogan Gidley.

But Democrats warn if Obamacare is struck down, some 20 million Americans would lose health care.

“The wholesale elimination of the health care law would send our system into certain chaos,” said Democratic Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer.

It’s been less than two years since Republicans tried, but failed, to repeal Obamacare.

Leslie Dach, with the pro-Obamacare group, Protect Our Care, said he was shocked the White House would try to kill the program — again.

“We have a system people like. They want things to get cheaper, they want things better but they want it built on what we have. They don’t want that stuff taken away.”

President Trump and his advisors believe they can take away one of the Democrats’ most effective campaign tools if they kill Obamacare and replace it with Trumpcare.

Gidley said they’re working on the details of a new health care plan now and hope to release them soon.

Trump said he expects the Supreme Court will decide Obamacare’s ultimate fate.

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