Trump having ‘a good day’ after release of Mueller’s report

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(AP) – President Donald Trump on Thursday reacted to the release of the redacted report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller by saying, “this should never happen to another president again.”

The president’s remarks came in the White House’s East Room at an event for wounded warriors.  

The event was happening simultaneously with the Mueller report’s public release.

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“I’m having a good day, too, ” Trump says. “It was called no collusion, no obstruction. There never was, by the way, and there never will be.”

Watch the video above for his full remarks. 

Trump’s campaign also released the following statement: 

After issuing 2,800 subpoenas and 500 search warrants, interviewing 500 witnesses, employing 40 FBI agents and 19 lawyers, and spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, President Trump has been fully and completely exonerated yet again.

Democrats took us on a frantic, chaotic, conspiracy-laden roller coaster for two years, alleging wrongdoing where there was none. But the verdict stands: no collusion, no obstruction, no wrongdoing, no crimes, and an innocent President who has continued his relentless work for the American people.

Now the tables have turned, and it’s time to investigate the liars who instigated this sham investigation into President Trump, motivated by political retribution and based on no evidence whatsoever.

Meanwhile, some Democrats, including Valley Senator Tim Ryan, criticized the Justice Department’s decision to redact the report. He called for Robert Mueller to testify, releasing the following statement:  

Today, Attorney General William Barr demonstrated that he has decided to be the personal attorney for President Trump rather than fulfilling his role as attorney for the American people. It’s beyond unacceptable.

I will continue reviewing the redacted version of the report and will pressure the Justice Department to reconsider its decision to not release the unredacted report to the American public. This report proves once again that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 election with the explicit goal of helping Donald Trump win the presidency.

It is time for President Trump to stop believing Putin over our intelligence community.

Congressman Bill Johnson also released a statement: 

The release of Robert Mueller’s report to Congress and the public today, once again, very clearly, indicates there was no collusion and no obstruction between then candidate Donald Trump – or his campaign – and Russia. This reinforces the summary sent out on March 24 by Attorney General Barr.

The investigators spent many months and considerable tax dollars and came to the same conclusion that so many of us did long ago. It’s over. Now that the Trump-Russia “collusion delusion” has finally been put to rest, the American people deserve to know how this mess started and who was behind it (by the way…we already know the why). Those responsible for perpetrating this hoax must be held accountable – and, I think they will be.

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