Travelers finding loopholes around U.S.-Mexico border closure

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Over one million people crossed the U.S.-Mexico border in May alone despite being shut for nonessential travel

(CNN) – The United States and Mexico have agreed to close the border for all nonessential travel five months ago, but is it really closed?

In May, more than 1 million people crossed the border.

The restrictions were put into place in late March, but there are some exceptions for things like commerce. If you’re a health care worker or if you’re a returning citizen, you can still cross, but technically, for everyone else, it remains shut.

The border closure was supposed to stop people from shopping, visiting family or going out for the night. But CNN Reporter Matt Rivers reported driving into Mexico by car without any checks. Rivers reported walking across the border later without question.

In Tijuana, multiple people reported that Americans admitted that they were here for nonessential reasons.

Heading back into the U.S., you do face more questions from immigration officers, but essential traveler rules are difficult because they’re just relying on people to tell the truth.

Car traffic at the border is down about 50% compared to this time last year, but still, the latest data shows that in May alone, more than 1.3 million people crossed the border.

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