Tennessee home saved from fire by doorbell camera and neighbor

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Eric Petersen and his family were out of town when Peterson got a notification from his Ring Doorbell

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Tennessee family is grateful following the Thanksgiving holiday for a good neighbor and for doorbell camera technology after their house caught fire.

Eric Petersen and his family were out of town when Peterson got a notification from his Ring Doorbell. The motion sensor was triggered by someone turning around in their driveway, but he heard another sound in the background.

“I could hear a beeping sound in the background. So when I heard the beeping sound I called my neighbor,” said Peterson.

The beeping sound was the smoke detector. Peterson called his neighbor and best friend, Tyler Stark, to go check the house.

When Stark arrived, he didn’t see anything right away. He went to the back of the house where he heard a crackling sound. Then he started to smell smoke. He followed the noise and smell and stumbled upon flames coming out of a wall.

Stark says he first tried to extinguish the fire, but to no avail. He left the house and called 911. Peterson and his wife helplessly watched the drama unfold from their Ring Doorbell app.

The Rural Metro Fire Department responded to the scene. They were able to put the fire out before it reached the roof. Rural Metro Public Information Officer Jeff Bagwell says if the fire had been undetected, it would have completely destroyed the house.

“It was in the ceiling, it had extended up into the attic but not bad enough to where it broke through the roof. So the good part was we were able to put out the fire with minimal water, but unfortunately in a house, that water has to go somewhere and that caused some water damage in their house,” Bagwell said.

Stark stayed the entire time while firefighters battled the flames. Peterson says he’s thankful that Stark was there to take action and that the fire was not as bad as it could have been.

“To know that your family didn’t have to go through it and your friends dealt with it and you come back and you’re just, you’re blessed,” Petersen said.

According to Rural Metro, the preliminary investigation reveals the fire was caused by some electrical wiring in the ceiling.

Peterson and his family are back in town and hope to be back in their home very soon.

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