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Surveillance video shows man getting pushed into oncoming traffic

The suspect is expected to be charged with attempted murder

LOS ANGELES, Calif (CNN) - Warning: This video shows a violent crime taking place. Some viewers may find it disturbing. 

A heart-stopping crime caught on camera in Los Angeles. 

Police say a video shows a homeless man pushing a complete stranger into oncoming traffic before he ends up being pinned by a truck.

The incident happened Wednesday in the jewelry district in downtown LA. 

Police say the man seen in the video with a lime green jacket is a transient that frequents the area. He is seen in the video sitting in front of a restaurant around 10 a.m. on 6th Street when the victim, believed to be in his 60s, walks by. Unprovoked, the man shoves the victim into oncoming traffic. 

The victim is hit by a box truck and ends up under its tire. 

The suspect picks something up and nonchalantly walks away as the victim is pinned for at least ten seconds. A business owner rushes to his aid until paramedics arrive. 

"He's listed in critical condition with a collapsed lung and scrapes, bumps and bruises. We think he is going to make it, which is great news," said Officer Mike Lopez. 

A manhunt was underway for several hours for the suspect and he was found a few blocks away, still in the lime green jacket. 

Ryan Jeter recently moved to downtown and says this is the second violent attack he's heard about. The last one occurred a few months ago. 

"One of the homeless people hit a resident on the head with a stick. It was a big thing. I saw right before it happened. It was bad," Jeter said. 

Pedestrians out for the evening say they feel safe, but incidents like this put things into perspective. 

"I've lived here for five years. I've never felt harmed in any way, but hearing things like that really, definitely scary," said Sally Tiangco, downtown resident. 

"I'm always walking in downtown L.A. We are actually doing a food tour right now. It is really lively here. Very unfortunate to hear that happened," said Sally Tinagco, downtown commuter. 

Police say the suspect is expected to be charged with attempted murder.

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