Study: We’re swallowing more plastic than you think

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Small particles are making their way into our food, water and air, according to researchers

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(CNN Newsource) – Here’s something tough to swallow — according to a new study, people are ingesting five grams of plastic every week. That’s the equivalent of a credit card.

According to the study by the University of Newcastle in Australia, people around the world ingest an average of around 2,000 microplastic particles a week.

Microplastics are particles smaller than five millimeters.

Researchers say those particles are making their way into our food, drinking water and even the air.

The largest source of plastic ingestion? Drinking water.

The World Wildlife Fund spearheaded the research for its report, “No plastic in nature: Assessing plastic ingestion from nature to people.”

A separate study this month found Americans eat, drink and breathe as many as 121,000 microplastic particles each year.

The researchers note their study “builds on a limited set of evidence and comes with limitations,” including a “lack of data available on crucial metrics, such as weight and size distribution of microplastics in natural environments.”

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