Stripper, pastor join forces in Oregon to raise funds for families affected by ICE raids

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The unlikely duo is working together toward a common goal

(CNN) – Two professionals from two very different worlds are coming together to help families affected by the ICE raids in Mississippi.

It’s a mission shared by both a pastor and a stripper.

“We are all sinners, and we are all saints, and we can still help our kids, because those kids are everybody’s kids,” said Dawn Blu McCall.

The unlikely duo was devastated by the images of migrant children separated from their families after an ICE raid in Mississippi this month targeting hundreds of undocumented immigrants. They say they found a solution in each other.

“We can see God working through a burning bush as with Moses, or we can see God working through strippers, and I say amen to that,” said Adam Ericksen, a pastor at Clackamas United Church of Christ.

The two connected on social media and are collecting donations to go to the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance.

McCall does not ask Ericksen’s congregation to go to the club. Instead, his congregation donates to the cause at the church.

“We made $330 in seven minutes last Saturday,” McCall said.

T-shirts and stickers made by a friend, Lauren Seeley, also raise funds.

While they may have very different approaches, their mission in helping kids is the same.

“My congregation is responding really well to it. They are excited about it. They have the same mission. When you hear Blu talk about her mission with Team Blu, it sounds like church,” Ericksen said.

McCall said it has turned into a major community-building event.

“I think that that is a blessing, to use his kind of words,” she said.

“And we hope that will inspire people in different religions, different backgrounds, can come together for a higher purpose,” Ericksen said.

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