Rent out your swimming pool? Some states are trying to pull the plug

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A new fad is sweeping the country and making money for people with a swimming pool in their backyard–swimming pool rental.

The idea is making a big splash in places like California, but it’s happening in Ohio, too.

People with swimming pools are renting them out for parties and private use, but the idea is getting the attention of regulators.

Some states are taking note and working to pull the plug on the idea, but they are being met with some obstacles.

Wisconsin regulators have backed down on demands after operators of a startup that allows private homeowners to rent their swimming pools by the hour said the regulations would kill their business.

Wisconsin regulators told Swimply in April that pools offered for rent would have to be treated the same as large, public swimming pools. That meant a pool’s owner would have to obtain a license and meet tougher construction requirements.

On Friday. the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection notified attorneys for Swimply that most pools offered for rent would not have to meet those higher standards.

Wisconsin was the first state to push back against Swimply, which started in 2018 with four pools in New Jersey but has taken off during the pandemic.

In Ohio, three private swimming pools for rent were found on the site. All were in Franklin County.

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