Proposal would make feminine hygiene products free to New Mexico students

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SANTA FE, NM. (KRQE) – A proposed law would make free feminine hygiene products available to all New Mexico grade school students. The measure is being sponsored by Andrea Romero of Santa Fe and Joy Garratt of Albuquerque.

It would give public elementary, middle and high school students access to the sanitary products at no cost to them. Initially, the estimated price tag on the idea was nearly $4 million a year but Rep. Romero says it turned out to be closer to just $1 million after further research.

“They can feel like they feel empowered to help themselves and often girls have to leave school because they don’t have access to basic hygiene products, so we’re really trying to minimize that as best we can,” said Rep. Romero.

The measure also comes with a one-time appropriation of funds for the purchase of the product dispensers. California, Illinois, and New York recently passed similar laws.

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