Prior to Mother’s Day, Saturday celebrates ‘Dog Mom’s Day’

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Dog Mom's Day

(CNN) – Sunday is Mother’s Day, a big day to celebrate moms and all they do for us. 

Appropriately, just ahead of it, Saturday is devoted to moms of furry babies.

May 11th is National “Dog Mom’s Day.” 

A survey found three out of four female dog owners call themselves “dog moms.” And, 40 percent of them own clothing with the term “dog mom” on it.

So, it’s a thing.

You can celebrate “Dog Mom’s Day” by giving your pooch extra cuddles, baking puppy treats or even getting a pedicure with your dog.

It’s just a shame — all those presents are really for the pups and not the moms!

But hey, a happy dog makes for a happy dog mom. 

Be sure to take a selfie with your puppy and post to social media with the hashtag “Dog Mom’s Day.”

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