LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WFLA) – Police in Kentucky rescued a woman they found chained to the floor of a home in Louisville last week.

The Louisville Metro Police Department was alerted to the incident on the evening of Aug. 16, after neighbors reported hearing a woman “screaming for help,” the LMPD said.

Police arrived at the home and saw the woman in the home’s second-story window, but had trouble getting inside because the doors and first-story windows had been barricaded.

In footage released by the LMPD on Tuesday, police could be seen using a ladder — provided by a neighbor — to reach the woman. Once inside, one of the officers discovered a disturbing scene.

“The woman had a chain around her neck, which was secured by a MasterLock, and that chain was bolted to the floor with screws,” police wrote in a Facebook post shared Tuesday.

The video showed an officer using a hatchet to break the chain.

“Thank you so much,” the distressed woman said through tears.

Officers responded to reports of a distressed woman “screaming for help” last Wednesday, ultimately discovering the woman had been chained to the floor of a Louisville home. (Louisville Metro Police Department)

Medical workers arrived to evaluate and treat the victim, the LMPD said. In the video, fire officials were also seen using bolt cutters to remove the portion of chain padlocked around the woman’s neck.

Police did not release details on the search for the woman’s captor, but confirmed a suspect was apprehended two days after the victim was rescued from the house.

On Facebook, officials with the LMPD also gave credit to the neighbors for reporting the suspicious activity they observed that evening.

“Shout out (again) to that block for SEEING SOMETHING AND SAYING SOMETHING! Y’all saved a life that day!” the department wrote.