Police: Oklahoma high schooler dead, others hurt after pickup truck ran them down

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Police said the driver ran into a car, then into the group of cross country and track athletes before hitting two more cars

MOORE, Okla. (CNN Newsource) – A high school girl in Oklahoma is dead and five other students are in the hospital — some in critical condition — after police say a man in a pickup truck ran them down near their school Monday.

Police say a 56-year-old man driving a red pickup truck ran into a car, then ran into the group of kids — cross country and track athletes on a jog — but he kept driving, hitting two more cars.

Officers say it all happened near Moore High School’s athletic facilities, so there were a lot of students who saw it happen and were there when police showed up. Some of them were even able to point police in the right direction to where they saw the pickup drive off.

The driver was arrested about two blocks away.

Police are still investigating but as of now, no charges have been filed.

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