YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — It was a tale of two hospital visits Wednesday for a man and a woman who were arrested on drug charges following a traffic stop on the East Side.

Reports said officers about 2:10 p.m. pulled over a car at South Center Street and Poland Avenue driven by John Kearns, 42, of Rogers for a cracked windshield. As the car pulled over reports said Rogers and a female passenger, Gloira Lykens, 32, of Youngstown, could be seen reaching in the back seat.

Reports said before police asked to search the car, Lykens told officers she was pregnant and having cramps. An ambulance was called for her, reports said.

Kearns gave police permission to search the car and on the floor behind the passenger seat officers found a bag with a white powdery substance that resembles methamphetamine, reports said.

Also in the back in the seat police found a white substance in a folded up piece of paper which is often how fentanyl is sold, reports sold.

Keans and Lykens were both arrested for possession of drugs, but because Lykens said she was pregnant and having cramps, she was taken to St. Elizabeth Health Center Boardman to be examined and warned not to leave because she was under arrest.

The warning did no good, reports said; police were informed later that Lykens left the hospital and she faces an additional charge of escape.

Kearns complained of chest pains and was taken to St. Elizabeth Health Center on Belmont Avenue, reports said. Hours later when an officer was sent to take Kearns to the jail, reports said he was complaining he still was not feeling good and he wanted a second opinion and wanted to go to Salem Community Hospital.

Reports said Kearns was given a thorough examination in the emergency room and “shy of an autopsy, there was no further testing they could perform.” Police told Kearns he could get a second opinion by the medical staff at the Mahoning County jail.

Kearns refused to get out of his bed and officers had to drag him out. He then became dead weight, so police put him back on the gurney and wheeled him to a cruiser. When he said he wanted to speak to the sheriff, police said that’s where he was going, since the jail is at the sheriff’s office. He was then placed in a cruiser and taken to the jail.

Resisting arrest charges are also expected to be filed against Kearns.