LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A large potbelly pig found abandoned outside a Las Vegas home will go up for adoption once she loses some weight, officials at the Animal Foundation said on Facebook.

The pig, named Cupcake, was discovered in a large wire dog kennel June 2. The high temperature that day was 107 degrees.

“Cupcake had been dumped there,” the foundation wrote. “She was alone, uncomfortable and severely overweight.”

Cupcake weighs 175 pounds and is “so obese she can hardly move,” the post said. The pig also had overgrown hooves and dirty ears when found.

A large potbelly pig was found abandoned in a dog kennel and described as “so obese she can hardly move. (Courtesy: The Animal Foundation)

With the help of a local veterinarian, the pig is now doing much better, the post said.

“With a nail trim and portioned meals, Cupcake is on the road to recovery,” the post said. “She will need a caring owner who will help her on her weight loss journey and show her the love she deserves.”

The Animal Foundation says it helps an average of 25,000 animals a year.