Person broke into Massachusetts house and cleaned it

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MARLBOROUGH, Massachusetts (CNN) – A Massachusetts man is baffled after someone broke into his house and cleaned it. 

“It’s terrifying just to know that somebody was in your house,” said Nate Roman.

Last week while Roman and his son were out and about, someone cleaned it. 

The person also made the beds and cleaned the bedrooms. The cleaner even left souvenirs. 

“These toilet paper roses were left on my… My toilet paper rolls,” he said. 

Here’s the kicker — the person didn’t clean the kitchen, and not a thing from the home was stolen.

“Because nothing had been taken… You know, other than just being rearranged and cleaned, and you know, sort of put away and put straight, that was the biggest thing,” Roman said. 

Marlboro police responded to the home and are taking this very seriously as a breaking and entering crime. 

“Little time’s gone by now, I can laugh about it,” Roman said. 

Roman said his 5-year-old son is reacting as only a 5-year-old can.

“He’s like, ‘Daddy, daddy, you think they’ll come back and finish the kitchen and finish the kitchen right?’ Yeah, that’ll be something,” he said. 

One theory that the homeowner came up with — a cleaning service went to the wrong home, which makes sense given the toilet paper roses. 

Even so, he changed all the locks to his house. 

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