(WXIN) — If you’re in the market for trying a good dairy treat, Guinness World Records has announced the world’s most expensive ice cream, and this one will set you back more than a second-hand car.

The world’s most expensive ice cream delicacy is made by Japanese ice cream brand Cellato using rare ingredients that sent its price tag through the roof.

A serving of the delicious treat — named Byakuya — costs a steep 873,400 Japanese yen, which equates to about $6,696 per serving in the U.S.

Byakuya, the world’s most expensive ice cream. (Guinness World Records)

Its ingredients contribute to the high price, with the highlight being a rare white truffle grown in Alba, Italy. That’s priced at 2 million Japanese yen or $15,192 per kilogram.

Making the most expensive ice cream wasn’t Cellato’s only goal; they wanted to fuse together European and Japanese ingredients. To do so, the company brought in Tadayoshia Yamada, the head chef at RiVi, a restaurant in Osaka known for its imaginative fusion cuisine.

Guinness officials say they were unable to sample the dessert, but Cellato staff members who participated in the tasting session said it is rich in both taste and texture.

“It took us over 1.5 years to develop, with a lot of trials and errors to get the taste right. Achieving a Guinness World Records title made the effort all worth it.”

Cellato representative

Cellato says the robust fragrance of truffle fills your mouth and nose, followed by complex and fruity tastes of Parmigiano Reggiano. A table sauce named Sake lees finishes off the taste experience. According to Guinness, the ice cream also includes edible gold leaf.

Cellato is also planning to release products with other combinations of its finest ingredients, such as champagne and caviar.