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(WJW) — It takes a lot of energy and money to get out of the house and go to an arena-size concert these days. You may need to take time off work, pay for a hotel and arrange for childcare in order to make the whole endeavor work.

So after country superstar Morgan Wallen canceled his Ole Miss football stadium concert minutes before he was scheduled to go on stage — with a message on big screens saying the singer had lost his voice and concertgoers would be refunded — it didn’t take long for fans to take to social media to express their frustration.

But one fan took their complaints to the next level, bringing a lawsuit against the singer Monday, alleging the singer should be responsible for more than just the cost of tickets.

“Even if ticket prices are refunded, no offer has been made to reimburse concertgoers for other out-of-pocket expenses they incurred in connection with the concert cancellation,” said the suit, obtained by Entertainment Weekly.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff considered Wallen’s decision to cancel “willful, reckless and intentional” and is asking for payment that would “fairly and reasonably compensate them for the harm” and also “mental anguish.”

Wallen, who has garnered plenty of controversy in his career, took to social media following the show’s cancelation explaining he had hoped to be able to fight through and make it on stage that evening.

“It kills me to deliver this so close to showtime,” he said in an Instagram stories video. “But my voice is shot and I am unable to sing … I am so sorry, I promise you guys I tried everything I could.”

So far, Wallen has not made a comment on the lawsuit.