Maggots found on resident in Arizona healthcare facility

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This is the same facility where a severely disabled woman gave birth after being raped by an employee

Hacienda Healthcare Arizona

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PHOENIX (CNN Newsource) – Arizona’s health department may close down a care facility after maggots were found on a resident there.

It happened at the Hacienda healthcare facility in Phoenix last week.

This is the same facility where a severely disabled woman gave birth to a baby last year after she was raped by an employee.

Staff there discovered maggots under a bandage on a patient’s throat at the site of a surgical incision.

The state health department says that probably happened because of poor hygiene at the facility.

One woman whose son lives across the hall from that patient says the staff should have known better.

“Very disgusted. Just when you think things are getting better, horrible things just keep happening. My concern is that my son could be next,” Angela Gomez said.

Arizona officials filed a notice of intent to revoke the facility’s license, but that does not mean it will definitely close right away.

Plans must be made first on where to send the patients, who have intellectual disabilities.

Hacienda also has the right to request a hearing.

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