MADISON, Wis. (CNN) – Four years ago, a little girl named Anisa Scott touched the hearts of many with a video showing her praying for an end to gun violence. Tragically, that little girl herself has now become a victim.

Anisa was shot and killed in Madison, Wisconsin last week.

“I just want to play like a 7-year-old is supposed to. I don’t want to die.”

A heartbreaking request from Anisa in a video from two years ago, praying for a little boy shot and killed in Chicago.

“It kind of hurts me today because I told her, ‘That won’t happen to you,'” said Rafael Ragland, Anisa’s stepfather.

He remembers filming the video, haunted by what he told the girl.

“‘Where you live, it’s not like that. Where we live, it’s not like that. It’s not like Chicago.'”

Anisa met the same fate in Madison last week, shot while riding in a car. She was 11 years old.

When making the video, Anisa thought her words in Ragland’s film could change the world and stop gun violence.

“It brought me to tears right there when I was filming it, seeing the things that she was asking God,” he said.

Anisa continued to act in Ragland’s faith-based films, always wanting to play a character that saw God. In one of them, she played an angel.

“One video where Anisa played a role where she got shot and she went into a coma. And when she came out of the coma, she was talking about she met God,” Ragland said.

He said he just can’t bring himself to post that video, but finds comfort in the thought that the happiness she felt playing an angel has reached her again.

Meanwhile, the video that is out there is reaching others, adding 30,000 views on Facebook in just a few days.

“She wanted it to be seen, so I’m sad that it took this for people to see it,” Ragland said.