Job seekers beware of employment scams

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If you’re searching for a job, the Better Business Bureau says beware!

More scammers are posing as potential employers online. 

Many victims report submtting an application, having an online interview and then getting an offer that requires submitting tax and direct deposit forms. 

According to the Consumer Protection Agency, most fake job offers have several things in common: 

– promise you a job
– guarantees that you will make money
– often says you can work at home
– might offer government jobs no one knows about

Fake job offers can appear in the newspaper, online and on signs, posters and flyers. 

If you’ve already sent money to someone who promised you a job, you probably will not get it back. You can report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission at 1 (877) 382-4357 and online at 

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