A coffee shop in Indianapolis is handing out naloxone, the opioid-reversal drug, to anyone who asks for it. 

Rabble Coffee gets its supply from the Indiana Recovery Alliance. 

The group supplied 35,000 doses to people since 2015, reversing 2,500 overdoses. 

Baristas at the coffee shop educate the public on what to do if someone overdoses. Owner Josie Hunkler said she’s a few run-ins with people overdosing in the past. 

Jes Cochran, the founder of Circle City Users Union, said there are plenty of educational opportunities on how to use the medicine. 

“They have all been trained to show other people how to use naloxone. There are nasal sprays and there are instructions inside. They’ll give you a little run-through of how to use the nasal spray naloxone, Cochran said.  

The naloxone at Rabble is free.

An Indiana law says that anyone can use naloxone to prevent a fatal overdose as long as they stay with the person afterward.