‘I’m brave’: Virginia 5-year-old saves mother by calling 911 for help

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The kindergartener found her mom unresponsive but knew just what to do

HOPEWELL, Va. (WRIC) – A 5-year-old in Virginia is being hailed a hero after she dialed 911 to save her mother.

Lashaunastey Turberville said she and her daughter, Dehvea Boxley, were home alone Sunday afternoon when she started feeling unwell.

“I started feeling a little sick,” the 39-year-old mother said. “I started sweating and getting really hot. I started to get nauseous and then lightheaded. I laid down and that was about it.”

Turberville said she only remembers lying still and not being able to move or speak.

Dehvea went to check on her mother, but found she wasn’t responding. Turberville said all she could do was make grunting noises.

“I remember her saying, ‘Mom, say something, Mom!'” Turberville recalled.

The little girl ran to find her mother’s cell phone, unlocked it and dialed 911. She was able to talk to Hopewell emergency dispatchers and let them know there was an emergency and her mother wasn’t moving.

“My mom was sick and I called the ambulance,” Dehvea said. “I’m not scared. I’m brave.”

She also said she tried to comfort her mom with a cup of water and by patting her head.

Turberville said she taught her daughter how to dial 911 because on occasion, she is with her great-grandmother and she wanted her to be prepared just in case.

“We practiced,” the kindergartener said. “It was easy. I just pressed 911.”

Dehvea admits she was scared when her mom didn’t respond and she had trouble opening the door for Hopewell Fire and Rescue.

“It’s scary,” Dehvea said. “That’s scary if your mom just sit there and die.”

“My mom was sick and I called the ambulance,” said Dehvea. “I’m not scared, I’m brave.”

Paramedics took Turberville to a local hospital. Doctors said she had suffered from a hypoglycemic reaction after her blood sugar dropped dangerously low.

“She really is my little hero,” Turberville said of her daughter. “I’m just grateful it didn’t terrify her. She did what shocked me the most was keep a calm head. She wasn’t crying. I’m so proud of her.”

Dehvea shared some advice for other kids in an emergency:

“Call 911!” she shouted.

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