‘I slept through most of it’: Louisiana man said he dozed off as hurricane hit his home

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"It was pretty much a non-event because I slept through most of it," he said

LAKE CHARLES, La. (CNN) – Tolor White, Jr. shared video of the destruction of his house after Hurricane Laura and talked to CNN about why he felt he had to stay in Lake Charles.

“I was pretty much prepared for it,” he said.

White created a barricade for himself out of a table and a mattress.

“I have a table here that I put a mattress — I leaned the mattress against it and then, of course, the two box mattresses is on top of that. And between the brick wall and that, it took care of it.”

When the hurricane hit and his power went out, White said he crawled into his barricade.

“I started doing a crossword puzzle and I dozed off, and the next thing you know, I hear this wild, this loud thing that wakes me up.”

He said his roof had been torn off.

White said he did crossword puzzles through Hurricane Rita in 2005, too.

“I guess I’m just that kind of a person. I really wasn’t too concerned about it. I’ve got a good faith, faith in the man upstairs, and He’s always taken care of me in the past and He took care of me tonight.”

White is a pest control worker and said weather like this will bring mosquitoes, rodents and snakes.

“We already got this COVID-19 battle down here, so we want to kind of get ahead of this before they start bringing their diseases. So it wasn’t like I wanted to ride this out just because I wanted to ride it out, it’s kind of more of a — that’s why I’m here.”

He said during the storm, there were scary moments but it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle.

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