(WKBN) – Shopping this year for gifts looked a little different looking at the prices. U.S. consumer prices soared 5.7 percent. That is the fastest pace rise in prices in 39 years.

On top of the inflation, we saw some companies struggle with ‘The Great Resignation‘ as well as supply shortages.

With these factors in mind, what were many Americans looking to buy?

According to a poll by RetailMeNot, many people booked vacations as gifts.

It found that 36 percent of consumers said their holiday budget was going towards travel over hosting this year. About 40 percent of consumers said they planned on giving the gift of travel.

One out of four said they will gift a hotel or rental home voucher.

Another 20 percent said they would buy plane tickets.

The poll also showed that some of the people who were shopping last minute for gifts were browsing websites for hotel rooms or plane tickets.

The top destinations booked included Las Vegas, New York and Orlando.

Just under half of those who completed the survey said they would also be gifting themselves travel this year. Because no one wanted to rely on shipping delays, purchasing these items were a guarantee to be ready for Christmas.

One of the hardest things to find was the PlayStation 5. One Pennsylvania woman described trying to find the popular game console like trying to find the Tickle Me Elmo’s in 1996.

The reason the game console is so hard to find is because the chips that go into it are in low supply.

So what were people shopping for instead? Travel.

Due to the pandemic shortages many of us have learned to abandon brands they were loyal to and find alternatives.

In Ohio, the Council of Retail Merchants predicted a 7 percent increase in sales since last year.