Fortnite maker fires back at Apple, Google with lawsuit

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Epic Games is firing back after it was removed from Apple and Google's app stores

(CNN) – Fortnite’s maker is suing Apple and Google after being removed from the App Store and Google Play.

The two tech giants say Epic Games violated their guidelines. That came after Epic Games had announced that users could get a 20% discount on in-app purchases if they bought directly from Epic, bypassing Apple and Google’s proprietary payment methods.

Epic Game fought back, producing video parodying Apple’s “1984” Mac commercial. This time, it painted Apple as the villain, the totalitarian regime in this digital world.

Epic Games also launched a hashtag #freefortnite and encouraged its users to spread it widely.

Epic Games’ lawsuit concerns the 30% commission that both companies take on in-app purchases. The companies say this is fair and protects users on the App Store and Google Play, but Epic describes this as anti-competitive and it’s seeking a court injunction to end those practices.

Now, Epic has also seized on a moment here where particularly Apple’s App Store policies are under intense scrutiny.

Tim Kirk, the CEO, was taking heat on Capitol Hill just a couple of weeks ago from lawmakers. The EU has two investigations into antitrust when it comes to Apple’s App Store, so the dispute with Epic Games is going to be closely watched not only by regulators and developers but also by the 350 million-plus users of Fortnite around the world.

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