(WKBN) – The infant formula shortage in the U.S. is much better than it was, but it’s not back to normal.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is still taking steps to make sure there is enough infant formula in the U.S.

The agency released an update Monday and said it has been doing a lot to bolster the supply of products. It’s very important since infant formula is the sole source of nutrition for so many babies. They have to get more on the shelves while also ensuring that it’s safe.

Most recently, Danone, a company in the Netherlands, will be allowed to provide its specialty formula through home health care and dural medication equipment distributors. The formula addresses infants with urea cycle disorders but it won’t be on retail shelves.

Ongoing steps by the FDA, impacting the wider use of infant formula, include dedicating all available resources to ensure that safe and nutritious formula is available in the U.S. Supply has improved and it’s helping pave the way for a “more robust and diverse marketplace for the future,” agency officials wrote in the update.

The FDA continues to look for flexibility to import formulas from foreign suppliers and create channels for domestic and foreign suppliers to work together.

In September 2022, the FDA announced new guidance that will help formula makers who have been operating under enforcement discretion, or loosened regulatory requirements, to remain on the market. The agency says this will help families become less susceptible to shocks in the infant formula market, creating more choice.

The agency continues to advise against making infant formulas at home or diluting formula. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to work with their child’s health care provider for recommendations on changing feeding practices if needed.