Father kills masked man who opened fire at Alabama McDonald’s, police say

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Alabama McDonald's shooting

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Alabama police are investigating a shooting at a McDonald’s in Birmingham that left a man dead and two people injured Saturday night. Police said a masked man opened fire and a father inside the restaurant shot back, killing the man.

Officers responded to the restaurant around 10:45 p.m. on a call that multiple people had been shot. A masked man entered the restaurant when an employee was letting a father and his sons out the door.

The masked man then began to shoot into the restaurant and the father shot back at the masked man, Sgt. Bryan Shelton said.

As a result of the gunfire, the father, son and masked man were all shot.

Birmingham police confirmed that the masked man died from his injuries.

The father and son do not have life-threatening injuries.

Investigators are not sure whether the man was robbing the store or targeting someone in the business.

Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith said they’re following every lead.

“We have a lot of evidence, we have a lot of video evidence and we have a number of different evidence scattered about so once we piece everything together — a lot to do, a lot of investigation to be done right now. So, certainly, a very unusual set of circumstances but we’re going to work our way through it.”

This happened in Councilwoman Sheila Tyson’s district. She said she wants everyone to put their guns down but agrees this is a special case.

“I just see crime as wrong, period, but to try to protect your son, I can totally understand that. I know that he wouldn’t want anything to happen to himself or his children so he did everything he could to protect his family but then you have someone else’s child shot and killed. It’s all bad but I totally get it.”

Sgt. Shelton said based on preliminary information, the father won’t face any charges.

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