Don’t fall for the ‘Secret Sister’ scam on Facebook, police warn

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KLRT) — Police departments are again warning the public about the “Secret Sister” gift exchange scam making its rounds on Facebook.

The scam begins with a Facebook post asking you to buy a gift of $10 or more. You’re asked to add your name to a list. In exchange, the scam promises you’ll receive 36 gifts.

University of South Florida mass communications instructor Kelli Burns knows all about the Secret Sister gift exchange.

“I’ve seen it on Facebook. A couple of my friends are participating,” Burns said last year.

She said it’s a typical pyramid scheme.

“We’re just seeing this on Facebook this time instead of the old way of using letters and Facebook allows it to spread a lot faster.”

The biggest problem with the post is that it’s illegal. United States Post Office regulations are very clear about pyramid schemes and these gifts are being sent through the mail.

It’s also problematic because your personal information is posted on Facebook.

“It’s against Facebook’s terms of agreement. So there’s the potential that Facebook, if they got wind of this, could block your account,” Burns said.

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