Cat defies odds, surviving arrow to the head in West Virginia

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So far, the person responsible for Cupid's injury has not been caught

ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) – The community is rallying behind a cat who was shot in the head by an arrow in West Virginia. He was brought to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA) Saturday.

“He was very lucky to be alive,” said president and CEO of the AWLA, Sam Wolbert. “One millimeter to the left or to the right and it would be a different story today. So our vet team came on the weekend and performed emergency surgery, removed the arrow, as well as cut away the infection.”

The shelter named the young orange tabby Cupid because of his sweet and loving personality. Right now, the shelter is closely monitoring his recovery.

“We couldn’t really ask for a better outcome so far,” said Alexandra Kahn, an animal care technician. “We’re still waiting on the lab results to learn a little bit more about the infection he had. Our vet can then decide if he needs any more treatment. But so far, like I said, we really couldn’t ask for him to be doing any better.”

The AWLA has received an outpouring of support from people who are moved by Cupid’s story.

“The community here has been so supportive. As of today, we’ve raised close to $80,000 since Cupid has come in, and that’s been mainly in Arlington County but we’ve got donations from across the country and even in Canada,” Wolbert said.

Donations to the shelter will not only support Cupid’s recovery, but also the care of other animals. Donations can be made through the shelter’s website.

“We’re all just grateful that he was found in time, and that he came to us where he could get the care he needed right away and that he’s just such a sweet and loving cat,” Kahn said.

Once recovered, Cupid already has a waiting list of potential homes.

To keep up with Cupid’s recovery you can follow his Instagram account.

So far, the person responsible for his injury has not been caught.

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