California 11-year-old dies from allergic reaction to toothpaste

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Denise Saldate, of California, died after an allergic reaction to toothpaste

(CNN Newsource) – A California mother is sending out a warning after she says her daughter died of an allergic reaction to toothpaste.

In the magazine “Allergic Living,” Monique Altamirano talked about 11-year-old Denise Saldate’s death.

According to Allergic Living, the girl had a severe dairy allergy. It reports that Altamirano said a dentist prescribed Saldate a toothpaste — MI Paste One — that unknowingly contained a milk-derived protein.

Altamirano told the magazine that toothpaste triggered a deadly allergic reaction.

According to her, the specific prescription toothpaste involved in Saldate’s case is not commonly used.

In the report, she said they were careful to check food labels for milk and other potential allergens but they did not think to check the toothpaste.

CNN contacted the family to confirm the report, but they have not responded.

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