Mother claims young son sexually assaulted at day camp in Youngstown


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Youngstown Police are looking into claims that a young boy with special needs was sexually assaulted while attending a summer day camp.

Sarah Zagorski says she’s just looking for some answers.

“I’m just hoping we find out what, who did this and what can be done about it.”

Zagorski enrolled her 6-year-old son with autism in a summer day camp program run by the Youngstown Parks Department. She claims the little boy had a horrifying story to tell Tuesday night.

“He finally explained to me that one of the kids at summer camp had taken him, or followed him, into the bathroom and put something in his rear end.”

Zagorski took her son to the hospital right away and called the police.

“It’s going to take time and we have to look at all aspects that might affect what happened, or could have happened,” said Police Chief Robin Lees.

He says detectives are looking into the case and the victim has given a description of the child that he says attacked him.

Zagorski admits that her son’s special needs present another challenge for investigators.

“We’re using all the resources available to us to overcome those hurdles and we hope that…we can get all the information that we need,” Lees said.

At this point, police say the investigation could take some time while medical evidence is analyzed. Zagorski is already considering legal action.

“I’m meeting with an attorney on Friday to see what my options are and what we can do about it, because somebody needs to be held responsible,” she said. “I left my child in the care of these people, expecting them to take care of him, and that did not happen.”

Zagorski says she can’t remember if she described her son’s condition on the summer camp applications.

Neither officials with the city’s parks or law departments were willing to discuss the case.

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