LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – It was one week ago when 9-year-old Zayden Nenichka was riding his bike and was hit by a motorcycle in front of his Lisbon home.

He was flown to Akron Children’s Hospital.

“We really don’t know… when or if he’s going to wake up. We’re really hopeful,” said Jazmyne Hayes, Zayden’s sister.

Jazmyne said her brother has been in a coma and will be getting a permanent feeding tube. 

“It’s a TBI, a traumatic brain injury, where the brain rapidly shifts inside the skull,” she said.

On top of the brain injury, little Zayden also suffered a number of broken bones, including his neck and jaw. He also has a punctured liver.

Jazmyne said doctors won’t know about any permanent damage for a few months.

“Yeah, it’s hard because we don’t know what to expect. We don’t mind taking a long journey and stuff, but we don’t know what that journey’s going to look like,” she said.

Jazmyne hasn’t been able to visit Zayden because of COVID-19 restrictions, but she has this message for him.

“We’re here and that you know we’re going to be here every step of the way and we’re not going to give up on him.”

The community won’t give up on him either. Over the past week, “Zayden Strong” has been plastered all over. He has even been getting handmade drawings and letters.

“One day, I hope, when he wakes up, we get to show him everything he’s getting, pictures people are drawing him and I can’t wait for him to see all of this stuff,” Jazmyne said.

No matter how long that journey takes, he’s got his family and the “Zayden Strong” community behind him.

You can follow Zayden’s journey on Facebook.