YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The month of October is dedicated to Domestic Violence Awareness, and Youngstown State University is raising awareness throughout campus.

The Dean of Students, Title IX and Compass Family Counseling are collectively hosting Domestic Violence Awareness Month at YSU.

YSU wants to limit domestic violence by bringing awareness to the issue and educating as many people as possible.

For the month of October, seen around campus are displays, panels, workshops and presentations about domestic violence.

“College is the first time you are on your own. College is the first time you are navigating a relationship without a parent who is checking in on things or somebody who is heavily involved,” said Jacob Haskins, case manager for YSU’s Dean of Students.

Domestic violence can happen between people who are not romantically involved. It can occur between anybody who shares a living space.

YSU’s target audience for its domestic violence awareness campaign is the third party.

“The person who is seeing something happen in their friend’s relationship, somebody who is worried about a friend, we know that it is often difficult for somebody who is in a relationship to realize what is happening isn’t OK,” Haskins said.

Although the month of October is Violence Awareness Month, the Dean of Students at YSU is available for any student who needs resources or help.

“The person who came to our table in October when something happens in March, they can be like, ‘I know that is on campus. That’s a resource I can turn to,'” Haskins said.

One day a week, for the rest of October, the Dean of Students is setting up a table of resources at the Kilcawley Center.

On October 20, students and faculty are invited to wear purple to support those who have experienced domestic violence.