YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — The Youngstown State University board of trustees referred to a list of programs, courses and majors that may soon be cut because of too few students enrolled or participating in them at the meeting Thursday evening.

The list is not being made public yet — but is expected to be at the trustees next meeting on Dec. 9.

“We now have a faculty-engaged process in place to rigorously review every academic program on a regular basis,” said chair member John Jakubek.

Jakubek said the purpose of the reviews is to ensure that the courses, programs and majors offered are “viable, effective and relevant to the careers” the community needs.

The trustees did pass a resolution — required by law every five years — which showed low-enrolled courses and low-enrolled programs.

The university’s definition of a low-enrolled course is less than 18 students for undergraduates and less than 11 for graduate courses. Under-enrolled majors are 50 or fewer for undergraduates and 20 or fewer for graduates.

Of YSU’s 2,130 courses, 495 are low-enrolled, and 139 are being recommended for either consolidation or rotation. There’s a recommendation that 40 others no longer be offered.

As far as undergraduate programs — three are under recommendation for elimination, as are two graduate programs. The resolution did not state anything regarding majors.

To support the need for cutting courses, the trustees were told that since 2010, enrollment at YSU has dropped 27% — with net tuition revenue over the same time period falling by nearly $10 million.